Bradfordville Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital

3819 Bradfordville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32309


Jessie J., Inventory Manager

Jessie has been working at Paws and Claws since 2010, where she started as a Kennel Technician.  She became a Veterinary Technician shortly after, and at times she also served as a Receptionist.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her dog, Chloe, a Labrador Mix, and the most recent addition to her pet family, a cat named Lightning McQueen.  Jessie is currently working toward receiving an Associate of Arts degree from Tallahassee Community College, plans to then work toward a Bachelor's Degree, and ultimately study veterinary medicine.
Michelle T., Office Manager
Michelle joined the team at Paws and Claws after working some 10 years in the non-profit sector.  After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from San Francisco State University, as well as working along side wildlife and domestic animal rescuers, Michelle decided it was time to finally follow her dream and work directly with animals.  Michelle and her husband are the privileged roommates of their beloved brown tabby cats, Cortez and Pepper, and their Australian Cattle Dog, Lucy and Border Collie, Chance.  In her free time, Michelle enjoys hiking, kayaking, spending endless hours on Pinterest, enjoying craft beers at Proof, or cheese plates at Sweet Grass Dairy.  
Lindsey N., Technician Manager
Lindsey is currently a student at Tallahassee Community College, with plans to continue her education at Florida State University, majoring in Biology.  She enjoys taking her dogs on  adventures, and riding horses in her spare time.

Hannah W., Reception Manager

Hannah loves all species of animals, although dogs are her absolute favorite.  Hannah graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Florida State University, and is hoping to pursue a career in veterinary medicine in the future.  When not studying or working, Hannah enjoys bird watching, reading, and playing with her dogs, Milo and Olive.

Megan R., Receptionist

Megan returned to Paws & Claws as a Receptionist after taking time off to attend Tallahassee Community College's Nursing School.  She loves her Canine American Mix named Annie, her Husky named Arora, and her newly adopted cat, Morty.  Megan enjoys interacting with all of our furry friends at Paws & Claws.

Michelle P., Receptionist

Michelle is originally from Illinois and moved to Florida to further her education.  She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Music in Bassoon Performance from Florida State University.  Currently Michelle has no pets, but was raised during her childhood with numerous cats.  She eventually wants to have a big dog of her own.  In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and listening to and playing music.

Raquel A., Receptionist
Raquel's hometown is Miami. She moved to Tallahasee to further her education. Raquel has received her Bachelor Degree in Biology from Florida State University and is continuing her education to pursue a degree in pharmacy. She is obsessed with cats but loves all kinds of animals. Raquel has a tabby named Bear and a calico named Mina. In her spare time, she volunteers, enjoys outdoor yoga, plays video games, and grows her own tea. She is particularly passionate about her volunteering with The Center for Leadership and Social Change to teach adult immigrants English so they can earn their GED.

Lindsey C., Receptionist

Lindsey loves all animals: scaly, furry, feathered and slimy. She has been a caregiver to a variety of animals in life, especially exotics. After working several jobs in other fields, she has decided to embrace her passion for animals head-on and commit to a career in the veterinary field. She loves connecting with pet parents and learning their stories, always striving to provide top-notch service to our clients. 

She is a near-fluent speaker of French, having studied the language for many years. She has a double Bachelor's degree in Sociology and French Studies from the University of North Florida. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys hiking, drawing, reading French poetry, fishkeeping, and caring for her furry friends: two guinea pigs, Pumpkin and Biscuit, and her new cat Blitzen.


Valeska S., Veterinary Technician

Valeska is currently a student at Florida State University pursing a Bachelor's Degree in Biology.  She plans to become a veterinarian and to improve the lives of animals for many years.  She has a beloved family dog, a Yorkshire Terrier named Ginger, and two spoiled rats named Tuesday and Annie.  Outside of work Valeska enjoys music, nature, travel, art, and watching movies and TV.  In her free time she volunteers with several animal organizations and programs including the Tallahassee Animal Service Center, Seacrest Wolf Preserve, and the Animal Therapy program at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

Audrey S., Veterinary Technician

Audrey is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations at Florida State University, with plans to work for a not-for-profit organization or UNICEF after graduation.  She volunteers at the Leon County Humane Society where she continues to learn about caring for animals, in addition to giving back to the community.  Audrey's family is involved with Golden Retriever Rescue throughout the country, and she has owned two Goldens in the past.  She has spent most of her life around chickens, horses, goats, deer, and pigs on a friend's farm, and loves all animals.  In her spare time, Audrey enjoys hiking, cooking, dying her hair, watching horror movies, and driving to new places.  She is an avid lover of all things football, especially her home team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.  At home, Audrey has one cat of her own, Davey (pictured), but hopes to adopt more in the future.

Bethany C., Veterinary Technician

Bethany originally came to Paws & Claws while in high school, volunteering and learning about veterinary medicine.  Now, she is attending college and still interested in veterinary medicine.  Bethany loves all animals, and has one dog and one cat of her own.

Stephanie A., Veterinary Technician

Stephanie was born and raised on the central coast in California. She has worked in veterinary hospitals for over 10 years and with animals for a total of 14 years. She recently moved to Tallahassee to join her boyfriend, who is studying at Florida State University. Growing up, she always wanted to work with animals, but wasn't sure in what capacity. Stephanie enjoys making a positive relationship between owners and their pets. Stephanie is a Chihuahua advocate. She has two young Chihuahua mixes, Loki and Torvi. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, spending time with her dogs, watching animal planet, going to the gym, and traveling.

Abby G., Veterinary Technician

Abby just recently graduated from Lawton Chiles High School. She has plans to attend Tallahassee Community College and transfer to Florida State University to continue to study veterinary medicine. In her free time, she enjoys taking her dog, Baron, on adventures, riding horses, and photography.

Angel C.,Veterinary Technician

Angel is from South Florida, where she attended St. Petersburg State College studying Veterinary Technology.  She has over 10 years of experience in the veterinary field, beginning as a Veterinary Assistant in 2005.  Her mom was a wildlife rehabilitator, so Angel was raised around pets of all varieties.  Currently she has two cats, Melvin and Chester, one dog, Remington, and her raccoon, Riot (pictured).  Her hobbies include hiking, kayaking, camping, volunteer work, and music.

Lorrie S.,Veterinary Technician

Lorrie was born and raised in South Georgia where she graduated from Cairo High School and attended Bainbridge State College. She has plans to attend the University of Georgia to become a Veterinarian. In the meantime, Lorrie enjoys spending time with family and friends, sewing, crafting, and hunting. She has six cats and three dogs. Lorrie is pictured with Pirate, a 4-year old English Bulldog mix.

Rebecca M., Veterinary Technician
Rebecca came to Paws & Claws after years of volunteer work with local animal shelters and the Leon County Humane Society.  She is a student at Florida State University majoring in Environmental Science and Policy, minoring in Biology.  After graduating in May 2018, she plans to further her education in veterinary medicine.  Rebecca is originally from Jupiter, FL, where she and her family have spent years as adoptive parents to rescue animals.  Caring for those animals is her favorite hobby.

Gabi L., Veterinary Technician

Gabi has recently graduated from Lawton Chiles High School. After graduation, Gabi plans to attend Tallahassee Community College for two years and transfer to Florida State Universities to continue her education in veterinary medicine. She has two animals of her own, a 9 month old yellow Labrador named Bo and an 8 year old cat named Snow. Gabi enjoys traveling, hot yoga, painting and spending time with her animals.

Madison P., Veterinary Technician

Madison is from Thomasville, Georgia. She recently earned her Associate of Science degree in veterinary technology. She has a cat named Maurice, a hamster named Morty, two axolotls, and various freshwater fish. SHe loves animals of all species from scaly to furry. In her spare time she enjoys photography, painting, and traveling.

Madelyn P., Veterinary Technician

Madelyn recently graduated from Lawton Chiles High School. She plans to attend Tallahassee Community College and pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. She enjoys spending time with her 1 year old lab/boarder collie mix, her new Great Dane puppy named Lily, and riding horses in her free time.

Michael M., Veterinary Technician/Kennel Technician

Michael currently attends Tallahassee Community College and then plans to go to University of Florida to attend Veterinary School. Michael loves to go fishing and diving, but watching football is his favorite. He has a 1 year old Labrador named Bo that loves to swim.

Brianna R., Kennel Technician

Brianna joined the Paws & Claws staff in April 2016.  She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies.  Brianna is a Tallahassee native, having graduated from Lawton Chiles High School in 2012.  She is an avid animal lover and owns several of her own:  a dog named Anike, two rabbits named Rusty and Briar, and three rats named Max, Stark, and Basil.

Lori W., Grooming Manager

Lori has been grooming for almost a decade, and has been a valued member of the Paws & Claws team for many years.  Prior to becoming a professional groomer, Lori worked as a paramedic.  She holds a Ph.D. in Education, as well as undergraduate degrees in Biology and Mathematics.  Lori has one daughter, who is her pride and joy.  She has two dogs: Goonie (pictured), her beloved Shih Tzu, and Beau, a Labrador Retriever.  She enjoys drawing, quilting, gardening, and spending time at the beach.

Lauren E., Groomer

Lauren is from Tallahassee and graduated from Leon High School.  She has two Pit Bulls named Rypley and Boates, and a Black Mouth Cur named Lyla that occupy her free time.  She enjoys fishing, theme parks, and loving and caring for her animals.