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Posted By :    Kathleen McKeon  (
Posted :    1/6/2017
Comments :    II took Bailey - out labradoodle today for an ear infection. Dr. Aurora and Michele were very thorough, compassionate and gentle. Thank you.
Posted By :    Tara
Posted :    1/13/2016
Comments :    We are new to Tallahassee and Paws and Claws has been wonderful to our dog and to us. I highly recommend them.
Posted By :    Anna Smith
Posted :    6/8/2015
Comments :    I have been going to Paws and Claws for over 4 years and I live all the Dr's and Staff. Dr Dawn Figlio is like family and she takes very good care of all my Fur babies she has helped me though some tuff time's, her staff is the best. I would never go anywhere could not trust anyone else with my fur babies. Thank you Dr. Figlio, Dr. Moser and Dr. Hall for everything you do for me and my fur babies. Paws and Claws is the BEST VETERINARIAN IN TALLAHASSEE.
Posted By :    Mary & Ken
Posted :    1/3/2015
Comments :    Thank You Dr. Moser, We came to Paws & Claws for a Sonogram on our Irish Setter to see if she was pregnant, then we returned for an X-ray closer to her delivery date, we saw 8 ? 9 pups Hooray!!! When Summer whelp we ended up with 11 - AWESOME!!!!! Thank You Dr. Moser and staff for your assistance Summer is doing well and all the pups are healthy!!
Posted By :    Loki & Odin's Human
Posted :    12/21/2014
Comments :    It was almost 20 years in between kittens when I found myself "human" to a 3 1/2 week old abandoned liter kitten. Paws and Claws was 5 minutes from our house when we started seeing Dr. Hall. Loki has been a member of our family for over one year now. Because of Dr. Hall's patience with my new pet owner questions; her willingness to explain things and her compassion for Loki; I don't mind the now 20 minute drive it takes to get there. I have since adopted Odin from LCHS after meeting him while at Paws & Claws during one of Loki's visits to Dr. Hall.
Posted By :    Suzette Williams
Posted :    8/13/2014
Comments :    I want to thank the staff of Paws and Claws, especially Dr. Hall, for her loving care of my kitty Snowtoes. Snowtoes recently succumbed to heart failure but because of Dr. Hall's wisdom and care, I had an extra year with my cat. Thank you for loving Snowtoes and for your compassion when she passed away.
Posted By :    Vista Beasley
Posted :    2/21/2014
Comments :    I had to move from the U.S. to Scotland for university. It can be a daunting process to take a dog via international travel. Many people told me I should just give my dog away! But Dr. Hall and the staff at Paws & Claws helped me wade through the process and now, due to their efforts, Baxter has made it safely with me and making the acquaintance of some lovely Scottish lady-pups. I can't thank Dr. Hall and staff enough. They agreed to meet with me in advance of deadlines to set up the paperwork and have it previewed by all the relevant offices. Upon arriving in Miami and London, the cargo and customs officials approved the 24 pages of paperwork, new microchips & re-vaccinnations that Paws & Claws helped me assemble, so Baxter was released to me without any problems. Customs even released him to me 3 hours earlier than they had estimated, and I believe that was due to all the effort Paws & Claws' staff put into helping ensure the paperwork was all in order. Baxter was quite at ease and seemed completely unaffected and unstressed by the travel. Thank you again for the extra time you spent with me to make this such a smooth process!
Posted By :    Laura
Posted :    4/8/2013
Comments :    I'm new to the area and am glad to have chosen Paws and Claws for my dog Ringo's vet! The doctors and staff were very caring and gentle and he didn't even seem nervous while we were there. Thanks for taking care of him!
Posted By :    :)
Posted :    11/14/2012
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